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Cluttershrink® provides professional organizing services to motivate individuals to simplify their lives by eliminating physical and mental clutter. Through encouragement, coaching and hands-on organizing, individuals discover the tools needed to create an environment that renews confidence, promotes success and replenishes what people need most – more time!

about crystal

Crystal Sabalaske, founder of Cluttershrink® and proud mom of two, has spent over a decade as a professional organizer–helping countless clients simplify and de-clutter their lives while saving time and money, reducing stress, and promoting success along the way. Through in-person and remote consultations via phone or online, hands-on assistance, seminars, speaking engagements, and summits, she helps each client make a molehill out of their mountain. Read More

now offering: food allergy organization

Crystal recently expanded her company’s offerings with a unique and already in-demand service: kitchen organization for food allergy safety and wellness. It’s a topic that strikes especially close to home, as her family of four faces a total of 19 food allergies between them! As one of the few professional organizers offering this important service, Crystal recently hosted the worldwide Food Allergy Wellness: Powerful Paths to Courageous Living with Food Allergies Summit in November 2014.

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Cluttershrink’s Kitchen Organizing Ideas for Families with Food Allergies

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Crystal Sabalaske
Professional Organizer
Bucks County, PA

NAPO member, NAPO Golden Circle member, Featured on HGTV