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Cluttershrink® provides professional organizing services to motivate individuals to simplify their lives by eliminating physical and mental clutter. Through encouragement, coaching and hands-on organizing, individuals discover the tools needed to create an environment that renews confidence, promotes success and replenishes what people need most – more time!

Cluttershrink® is a professional organizer, providing consultations, hands-on organizing assistance and seminars in the greater Philadelphia area and the entire Mid-Atlantic region. Services outside this region can be arranged, and phone consultations are also available.

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“I received your email containing donation resources, the summary and cosmetic expiration information. Thank you for taking the time to put all that information together. You really put a lot of thought and work into it! I need to create an opportunity to go over it in detail. Thank you for coming to my house and spending Saturday morning with me. My expectations were pretty high, but you exceeded them. I was really impressed with the way you enjoyed ripping through clutter like a white tornado and organizing everything instantly. I also like the way you were able to provide a lot of motivation without being pushy or insensitive. You were able to communicate with me exactly on my level, with just the right mix of silliness and seriousness.”

- Frank, Pennsylvania
home organizing services client

sync or swim - organizing tipsCluttershrink® is a contributor to a new book of practical organizing tips, Sync or Swim: 201 Organizing Tips You Need to Survive the Currents of Change. This 93-page ebook compiles the best organizing tips from seventy organizing and productivity specialists.

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Crystal Sabalaske
Professional Organizer
Bucks County, PA

NAPO member, NAPO Golden Circle member, Featured on HGTV