Tips for De-Cluttering the Attic

by guest contributor, Ella Andrews

Not all homes are lucky enough to have an attic, but the place is irreplaceable as storage. However, it is often taken for granted. As a result, the attic gets messy and crammed with various items. In order to make the most of the storage space, you need to put forth a constant effort to maintain organization. Just like the basement and garage, the attic accumulates a lot of clutter. This is a perfect zone to put away something and forget about its existence. But in time…. it will start lurking from the corners of your guilty conscience.

If you finally get to the point when you can no longer prolong this task, here are few tips for de–cluttering your attic that will help you maintain its organization over time.

The possibilities are endless. Transform your attic space into a usable bedroom or recreation area.

Get a Partner

Let’s be honest. Dealing with the task alone will be quite overwhelming. That is why you should find as many helpers as possible. You will most likely need to move boxes and other heavy items. Be sure that the organizing and cleaning tasks are equally divided.

Put safety first. These spaces are built in a specific way, which might impose challenges during the organizing process. There are hard to reach areas that may require a ladder or you could encounter hazardous flooring. If you are unsure whether you can manage it, don’t take any risks.

Have A Plan

Before you start de–cluttering, you need to know how you will get rid of the unnecessary items. How will you dispose of your rubbish? Are you planning to relocate some of your items to the garage or the basement?  Do you need to hire a house cleaning company or Carpet Cleaning services in Stockwell? Is there a local charity that will pick up donations? It’s important to buy enough trash bags, cardboard boxes and plastic storage containers. You don’t want to interrupt the process simply because you run out of storage solutions.

Set a Work Zone

Create a working area by clearing the space. Start by removing the most obvious and largest items. Examine the seasonal clothes and old toys. Making decisions about these items is far easier than deciding the future of things like old family heirlooms.

Create a System

When you get to your attic you will probably find a mountain of unlabeled boxes. You will need to sort your possessions. Categorize the items and decide where they should go.  The three–box pile system is a popular and effective way to approach the problem.  Organize your belongings into three groups – to keep, to throw and to donate/sell. As you re-pack, don’t forget to label each box. Next time, you will be able to quickly spot what you need.

Smart Organization

When you are finally finished storing your possessions, it’s time to organize these boxes. Organize according to the frequency of usage. This should be your primary principle. Put the items that you use more regularly in a place with easy access. You don’t want to have to make your way through piles of things in order to reach an essential object.

Your attic space doesn't have to be scary. Organize your treasures so they're easy to find.

Your attic space doesn’t have to be scary. Organize your treasures so they’re easy to find.

Mind the Emotional Difficulty

Sometimes the hard work is not the toughest part of the de-cluttering the attic.  Your attic is like a huge memory box. It is normal to feel sentimental about your possessions. You need to acknowledge these feelings and recognize the need to let go, as it is often for the best.

Ella Andrews

Guest contributor, Ella Andrews, is a blogger and freelance writer based in the United Kingdom with a great flair for home maintenance and organizing matters. She likes to share clever tips and help her readers with some related ideas.


Cluttershrink Note: While most attic spaces are used for storage, many attics are converted into extra bedrooms or recreational spaces. Take a peek at one of my favorite attic makeovers. 


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