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the shrink ‘rap: issue 28

In this issue:

  • Water Cooler Rap: 5 Truths About Decluttering

Posted in De-Clutter, Organizing, Paper Organizing, Projects

the shrink ‘rap: issue 26

In this issue:

  • Water Cooler Rap: How to Maintain an Organized Closet

Posted in Cleaning, Closets, Clothing, Drawer organizing, Organizing, Shopping

the shrink ‘rap: issue 24

In this issue: Cluttershrink guest, Johanna Baum, shares tips on how to Organize Your College Application Process

  • Organizing the College Application Process – from ObjectiveInSight
Posted in Applications, Calendar, College, Organizing, Passwords, School

the shrink ‘rap: issue 23

In this issue:

  • Water Cooler Rap: 10 Quick Decluttering Tips to Help You Sell Your Home Faster

Posted in Books/Magazines, Closets, Garage, Garden, Gardening, Kitchen, Moving, Organizing, Selling a Home, Storage, Storage bins, Storage Unit, To-Do's

the shrink ‘rap: issue 22

In this issue:

  • Water Cooler Rap: Organize Your Garage

Posted in Chemicals, Garage, Garden, Gardening, Organizing, Storage, Storage bins, To-Do's, Tools

the shrink ‘rap: issue 21

In this issue:

  • Water Cooler Rap: Organizing Product Showcase

Posted in Books/Magazines, Budget friendly, Clothing, Drawer organizing, Kids, Kitchen, Organizing, Shopping, Storage, Storage bins

the shrink ‘rap: issue 20

In this issue:

  • Water Cooler Rap: Apps to Get You Organized
  • Spring Decorating Tips – from Inspired by Design LLC

Posted in Accessories, Apps, Checklist, De-Clutter, Decorating, Filing, Home, Money, Organizing, Projects, Shopping, Time Management, To-Do's

the shrink ‘rap: issue 19

In this issue:

  • Water Cooler Rap: Apps to Get You Organized
  • Ask the Organizer – Question and Response

Posted in Apps, Art, Ask the Organizer, Calendar, E-mail, Filing, Kids, Money, Organizing, Paper Organizing, Projects, School, Storage, To-Do's

the shrink ‘rap: issue 18

In this issue:

  • Resources for Recycling Electronics and Hazardous Waste
  • Water Cooler Rap – Get Organized Scavenger Hunt

Posted in Books/Magazines, De-Clutter, Holidays, Mail, Organizing, Recycling, Storage, To-Do's, Words of Wisdom

the shrink ‘rap: issue 17

In this issue:

  • Moving – Why You MUST De-Clutter First
  • Water Cooler Rap – Managing Kids’ Hand-Me-Downs
  • Ask the Organizer – Question & Response

Posted in Ask the Organizer, Clothing, Coupons, De-Clutter, Filing, Kids, Meal Planning, Moving, Organizing, Paper Organizing, Selling a Home, To-Do's