business organizing services

American managers, entrepreneurs and executives waste one year of their lives looking for things.

– U.S. News & World Report

Are you drowning in a sea of e-mail messages? Do you spend more time looking through piles of papers than you do working? Are you anxious about finding that missing report?

To be successful in business you need to be productive and efficient. Managing your time is a key factor in determining how much you accomplish on any given day. Disorganization leads to lost time looking for misplaced files, apologies for forgotten appointments and missed deadlines.

Cluttershrink® guides you through the process of managing your workload to help you increase your focus, boost your productivity, and reduce stress. Our business organizing services can help.

Imagine that you:

  • can find any document within 30 seconds
  • have a clutter-free and comfortable workspace
  • possess the time to filter through and respond to all of your e-mail and voicemail messages
Do you need help figuring out a strategy to organize your office?

Do you need help figuring out a strategy to organize your office?

We can work together to analyze your workspace and habits and develop a business organizing system aligned with your career objectives.

Together, we’ll form a plan to:

  • handle interruptions
  • prioritize
  • manage your calendar, e-mail & voicemail
  • create filing systems (computer & paper)
  • improve workflow
  • optimize desktop/workspace
  • accomplish more with less effort

Getting organized will cause others to see you as more dependable. With improved time and calendar management, you will avoid over-committing yourself. Being proactive about improving your work habits will remove the obstacles standing in the way of success.

You can offer organizational effectiveness to your staff.

Cluttershrink® will meet with employees one-on-one or deliver customized seminars to address your business needs. Onsite group training is a cost-effective way to train your entire team at your convenience.

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