Custom Recipe for Food Allergy Organization

For JUST $137, Get Cluttershrink’s Custom Recipe
for Food Allergy Organization (value: $440)…

You’re not alone. There are roughly 15 million Americans in this country who suffer from the effects of food allergies. That means that one out of every thirteen kids is affected. That could be two or three in every single classroom. For some of these kids, one incident could result in tragedy. Meet Crystal Sabalaske from Cluttershrink®. Between herself, her husband, and her two kids, there are a total of 19 food allergies that could easily ruin their day–or do worse. Crystal knows how to organize her kitchen to minimize cross-contact with food allergens to ensure that her family is fed, happy, and safe.

Like Crystal, you too can take control. It all starts in your kitchen. Every three minutes, a food allergy reaction sends someone to the emergency room.

That does not have to be you or your family. Not anymore. Say no to itching.

  • Say no to hives.
  • Say no to swelling.
  • Say no to wheezing, pain, and even dizziness.
  • Say absolutely no to anaphylaxis, a reaction that if not treated could prove fatal to you or someone you love.

You can say no to all of these things when you say a resounding YES to Cluttershrink’s Custom Recipe for Food Allergy Organization.She’ll help you transform your kitchen into a command center where you and your family can safely prepare delicious, healthy meals. (Sorry, she won’t do the cooking for you though.)

  • Fill out a Pre-Meeting Guideline form to help Crystal understand the extent of your/your family’s allergies.
  • Spend one hour with Crystal giving her a tour your kitchen via Google Hangouts or Skype. (value $100)
  • Receive a written plan of action on how to organize your kitchen based on the storage space available and allergies you are managing. (value $150)
  • Receive a customized list of suggested supplies, in addition to the basic Food Allergy Kitchen Supply List that Crystal is offering to all Food Allergy Wellness Listeners. She’ll arm you with the knowledge of why these items are important and where and how to use them. (value $45)
  • Discuss your progress and address concerns in a 30-minute follow-up phone call after your initial Google Hangout/Skype call. (value $45)
  • Receive e-mail support for up to one month following your Google Hangout/Skype call. (value $100)

Take control. Arm yourself with knowledge, and prepare for battle with an ally.Crystal from Cluttershrink® will help you win against food allergies.

You’re entitled to a special deal on Cluttershrink’s Custom Recipe for Food Allergy Organization. For just $137, you’ll get unparalleled access to one of the foremost experts on organizing your kitchen for food allergy safety. If you’re ready to turn your kitchen into one giant SAFE zone,

*All statistical information about food allergies from Food Allergy Research and Education

Crystal Sabalaske, owner of Cluttershrink®, has spent over a decade as a professional organizer helping countless clients simplify and de-clutter their lives while saving money, reducing stress, and promoting success along the way. Seen on HGTV’s Mission: Organization, and featured in Parents and Women’s Health magazines, Crystal continues to attract a loyal, national following thanks to her high-energy, shoot-from-the-hip personality and an infectious, can-do attitude. Through in-person and virtual consultations, hands-on assistance, seminars, speaking engagements, and summits, she helps each client make a molehill out of their mountain.
Crystal recently expanded her company’s offerings with a unique and already in-demand service: kitchen organization for food allergy safety and wellness. It’s a topic that strikes especially close to home, as her family of four faces a total of 19 food allergies between them! As one of the few professional organizers offering this important service, Crystal is hosting the summit Food Allergy Wellness: Powerful Paths to Courageous Living with Food Allergies. She is partnering with other food allergy experts from across the country to address how to knock out the many stressors that come with living with food allergies.